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TheThe 52nd International Roosterfish Tournament was held from June 13-17 and despite Hurricane “Bud” all turned out pretty well!!! We only lost 1 fishing day to the in-hospitable, downgraded, Tropical Storm Bud (“Bud Lite!”). There were 23 fish caught in the tournament (if we just had 1 more day… the bite was coming back) in our 2 days of fishing. The newly remodeled Playa del Sol was really a pleasant surprise. All the rooms and grounds looked great!
       When we arrived in Los Barriles the bite was on and the bait was abundant. Sardines were back and all was looking good!  The weather was the normal beautiful Los Barriles stuff we are used to and our pre fishing trip had good bait (sardines AND Lisa!) and good catching! Then someone spotted “Bud” stomping his northward path along the Pacific coast of Mexico. Who invited Bud!!!
       As we considered numerous scenarios we settled on – “if the airlines were still in service and we had boats in the water the tournament was ON!”  All arrived Tuesday to blue skies & ok weather. Our Welcome Fiesta dinner was a good time for all to reconnect and exchange stories about what all have been doing. Yes!... Many were checking their “Hurricane apps” to watch Bud’s progress (expected to be in the area by late Thursday).  The VanWormer’s decided to pull all of their boats except our tournament boats.  We kept a “wait n see” attitude since ol’ Bud was moving slowly and weakening.
      As we awoke Wednsday morning (extra early- because we were planning to get at least ½ day fishing in (lines in 6am -??)) but the storm was coming in faster. Though, “Bud”, no longer a Hurricane or even a Tropical Storm, was now a Depression (Man! Ya sure learn the jargon when threatened!!!) But the wind and sea were getting really ugly and VanWormer’s decided it was prudent to pull the boats out. 
      During the storm we had some lively dice games and serious story telling. The weather did get nasty! But we were safe and warm the entire time in the newly remodeled Playa del Sol. 
      Thursday morning the storm had passed and though we did not think we would get out till 10-12, the magnificent VanWormer captains and crew started launching the boats very early in the morning and we were on the water by 8:00am! Even the bait guy managed to get us bait and we got a full 7 hours of fishing in. The water was pretty stirred up but a few Roosters were spotted and Mike Hoffman even caught 1! Ta-daaa!! They are out there!
       Thursday evening we had our annual Raffle and Auction which added to the fun. “Thank you” to all of our sponsors that donated items – Lucas Oil Marine, Costa del Mar, Avet, Vanmark Jewelers, California Car Covers, VanWormer Resorts,  HooRag, Meltons, Guy Harvey, Fish USA, Mojo, Tina Stanley- Quilts, Lori Lester-SunWest Jewelry, Karen & Rodger Comstock-Memory books, Mike Hoffman-TX flag, and those that helped with their talent. The winner of the Entry Raffle was Mike Hoffman and the winner of the VanWormer Stay n Fish was the Franich’s. Another “thank you” to all the anglers that participated and contributed to the raffle, auction and this event!
      Our last day of fishing had a beautiful sun rise & looked to be very promising. Our bait guy came through again with a good supply of Sardines and Lisa, so all we needed was a little Roosterfish cooperation! As the boats came in after a full day of fishing all were very excited because the bite was good. 
      As the fish were tallied up and awards presented the top boat was Tres Amigos that just crushed it with 13 fish caught and released, 2nd place boat was Don Antonio and 3rd Place boat was Margarita.             The First Fish of the tournament was caught by Mike Hoffman on Tres Amigos and the Last Fish was caught by Jack.Snyder on DonAntonio.                                                                                                                
Daily High points were:                                                                                                                                          Day 2- Mike Hoffman – 1 fish – 128 points                                                                                                    Day 3- Rodger Comstock – 7 fish - 905 points!!!
TOP TEAMS:                                                                                                                                                         Third Place Team #1 - Johnny Didits, Mike Hoffman & Stephanie Banda.                                                   Second Place Team # 8: Judy Franich, Mike McElroy & Karen Comstock.                                                   FIRST PLACE TEAM #2: Rodger Comstock, Nick Anderson & Mike Holliday 
TOP ANGLERS of the tournament were:                                                                                                               4th Place Angler: Johnny (Digits) Jacquemine – 258 points,                                                                     3rd Place Angler: Jack Snyder – 259 points (note: extra points for   circle hooks made a difference here!)                                                                                                                                                                     2nd Place Angler: Judy Franich – 514 points.                                                                                                                     THE CHAMPION ANGLER of the 52nd IRT:                                                                    RODGER COMSTOCK with 905 points- 7 fish on circle hooks!!!

There were 23 fish caught & released, 13 on circle hooks. 
 Special “THANK YOU” to the staff of the Playa del Sol and VanWormer Resorts and Captains and crews of all of our tournament boats that really worked hard to make this tournament a success in extraordinary circumstances!!!!             (NO “BUD’s were consumed during this tournament!!!!)            Tight lines y’all!  See you next year….                                                 Our next tournament will be June 12-16, 2019




tOURNAMENT- June 14-18, 2021


Recap of the 54th Tournament - June 2020

June 14 -  Arrivals

June 15,16 &17 - FISHING - (3 days) - 

June 18 - Departures 

Entry includes - 2 IRT hosted dinners, cocktail parties, raffle/auction participation, awards ceremony and prizes, fishing shirt and bag, line, fishing boats, bait and crew tips.

The host hotel will be Playa del Sol, of VanWormer Resorts, in Barriles, Baja Sur, Mexico (fly into Cabo San Lucas (SJD) Int. Airport)




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