Recap of the 52nd Tournament - June 2018

tOURNAMENT- June 12-16, 2019

June 12 -  Arrivals

June 13, 14 & 15 - FISHING - (3 days) - 

June 16 - Departures 

Entry includes - cocktail parties, raffle/auction, awards ceremony and prizes, fishing shirt and bag, line, fishing boats, bait and crew tips.

The host hotel will be Playa del Sol, of VanWormer Resorts, in Barriles, Baja Sur, Mexico (fly into Cabo San Lucas)




LUCAS OIL - Marine Division



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Tight lines! 


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“Thank you” to all of the anglers and sponsors that participated in the 51st International Roosterfish Tournament. With all of your help and contributions we had a very successful and FUN event. The fishing was OK, but due to slightly cooler temperatures for this time of year in both the water and air (great for the anglers) and a full moon, the fish count was lower than we anglers thought normal, but was actually slightly better than each of the last 3 years. Soooo…
       At the end of the event there were 49 Roosterfish caught. Half were caught on circle hooks that were an option this year. Next year the circle hook will again be an option, but rewarded with points. Lures, by LiveTarget -the Official Lure of the tournament, were also used for the first time. Though the lures got some action, there were no roosterfish caught on one. 
     Our Tournament took place June 7-11, 2017 at the Playa del Sol Hotel a part of the VanWormer Resorts, in Barriles, Baja Sur, Mexico. The resort has done some very nice upgrading and our anglers found a new internet café and some refurbished rooms a pleasant surprise. 
      As all arrived on June 7th and got settled into rooms, there was already action down on the dock. Jack Snyder & Sean Lester were instructing several of the local kids on fishing techniques. IRT was able to present the young anglers with very nice spinning rod sets compliments of the Comstock’s local tackle shop – Wil’s Sport & Tackle of Monrovia, CA. The kids and anglers had a wonderful time learning casting, how to bait hooks and trying to catch fish. 
     Anglers got their information folders so they could check out who was attending and what the teams were like. There was a “Welcome Dinner” and business meeting at the restaurant of Playa del Sol in the evening, at which our 5 rookie anglers were introduced by their sponsors, rules and rule changes were reviewed and discussed, some light IRT business conducted and the random boat draw completed all the necessary angler information and business meeting. All received their official fishing shirts and tackle bags along with other goodies from support sponsors Costa del Mar, Lucas Oil, California Car Cover and LiveTarget.
      The first day of fishing came bright and early with a beautiful Baja sunrise. All of the anglers were on the dock eager to catch as many “Roosters” as possible! The VanWormer fishing fleet awaited with expert captains and mates. All were off the dock by 7am and headed to the “Official bait guy”. Seven hours later all the anglers assembled for the score party and found that there had only been 8 roosterfish caught. But for the first time in (traceable) IRT history there was a female Daily High Angler – Stephany Banda.
     Things went much better on the second day. Weather it was getting in the groove of fishing or just more fish presenting themselves, the count soared to 30. Possibly it was the sighting of a juvenile Gray Whale or numerous pods of dolphin. Maybe it was because the ladies were showing their fishing muscle and again there was a Female Daily High – Tina Stanley!!! Watch out Boys!
     The increased fish count made for a better score party and a good time to have our IRT auction and raffle. Once again our sponsors helped us out with items from Costa del Mar, Lucas Oil, California Car Cover. The anglers contributed also with a beautiful quilt of IRT logos and flags and place mats, from Tina Stanley; lovely custom jewelry made by Lori Lester of SunWest Jewelry Designs; a memory picture book of IRT 50th Anniversary event which included some historical pages, by Karen and Rodger Comstock; estate wine from the Lester Family vineyards. The grab bags for the raffle included things from YoZuri, Hook & Tackle, Costa del Mar, Lucas oil.
     The last day of the tournament found the “bait guy” short on bait. But the anglers rallied and made the best of what they got.  Another 10 fish were caught and finally the boys got their Daily High angler in Karl Hoffman!
     At the Awards banquet we were visited by Cha Cha VanWormer and son Eddie. The IRT presented the VanWormers with a 50th Anniversary IRT history and event memory book.  The IRT donated $500 to the CPR Release program for fisheries preservation and clothing to the VanWormer employees. There was also local Mariachi music and a delicious fiesta banquet dinner.  
The ANGLER AWARDS went to DAILY HIGH anglers, Day 1- Stephany Banda, Day 2- Tina Stanley, Day 3- Karl Hoffman.
     The TOP TEAMS consisted of: – 3rd Place- Team #7: Karl Hoffman, Stephany Banda & Bill Evans; 2nd Place- Team #8: Judy Franich, Jack Snyder & Becky Campos; the 1st Place team was #5: Ken Kurtz, Tina Stanley & Greg Mincheff.
     Our CHAMPION ANGLERS were: 4th Angler - Jack Snyder; 3rd Angler – Tina Stanley; 2nd Angler – Mike Holliday; and the CHAMPION of the 2017 IRT was….(rookie) Ken Kurtz!!! They all qualified for the Offshore World Championship Team in Quepos, CR next April 2018.
            We look forward to seeing ALL of our IRT anglers at the NEXT Int’l. Roosterfish Tournament on

                                                                   June 13-17, 2018!                            

                                          Thank you all for a great tournament and Tight Lines!   

                                                              Support our sponsors!